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Navigating Success: The BrandSemi Chronicles

In the bustling world of startups, where dreams collide with challenges, emerged Brandsemi—a storyteller of success, weaving tales of empowerment and growth.


Once upon a time, startups faced a common hurdle—the arduous task of identifying and building a stellar sales team. Brandsemi, the protagonist in our story, is armed with a skilled ensemble of experts across AI, Robotics, Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Healthcare, and E-commerce.

This diverse team wasn't just a group of individuals; they were solution experts in their domains, ready to shape sales strategies tailored to the unique needs of each industry. Brandsemi made a promise that sounded like music to every entrepreneur's ears as the plot thickened—a 50% cost cut compared to building an in-house sales team.

Our narrative wasn't just about saving; it was about efficiency and precision. A streamlined process unfolded, accompanied by unique strategies that became the compass guiding startups through uncharted waters. From ideation to execution, Brandsemi paved the way for startups to build pilot customers, scale up, and rewrite their destinies.

As we evolved in the market, Brandsemi offered a twist—an option for startups to own the very team that kickstarted their journey. A seamless transition from external support to an in-house powerhouse, granting startups the control and continuity they craved.

Our Team

Dass Kishore


With 19 years of seasoned experience, I'm Dass—an accomplished business development and sales leader with a rich background spanning IT Software, IT Storage, Telecommunication, and Semiconductors.

My expertise lies in crafting effective sales strategies, optimizing systems for peak performance, and defining processes with a knack for creative problem-solving.

I firmly believe in the power of consistency, credibility, and relationship building. These values not only guide my professional journey but also shape the foundation of successful and enduring partnerships

Let's connect and explore new avenues of growth and success together!


Founder & Investor

A enthusiastic investor and dedicated business owner with a keen interest in unique and groundbreaking business ideas.

Her forte lies in marketing and business management, serving as the robust backbone of my ventures. I believe in the power of continuous innovation and leveraging technology to navigate the swift challenges of our ever-evolving world.

With a strong belief in loyalty, dedication, and hard work, these values have not just shaped my professional ethos but have become the guiding traits that propel me forward. in this competative world 

Join me in this world of innovation and  technology Let's connect and explore the limitless possibilities together!

Shuka Zernovizky

Advisory  Board Member