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Lead Qualification

Why Qualifying leads are important? 

Successful business owners know how to focus on providing great products and services and finding new customers at the same time. Generating new leads is the first step to driving new business, but it’s important to determine which leads are more likely to pay off

Understand Lead Qualification 

Lead qualification is the process of predicting the likelihood that a sales prospect will become a customer. To inform this prediction, you’ll need to gather data about your prospects through lead capture forms and other processes conducted in the lead generation process. And while lead qualification begins at the top of the sales funnel, it doesn’t end there – it continues up until your prospect becomes a paying customer.

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Just because someone has visited your website doesn’t mean they’re automatically a lead. If they lack the qualities of your ideal customer, you’re better off pursuing leads who do match.

Qualifying your leads may involve disqualifying other leads. At first, this may seem risky, since smart business is largely about finding new customers wherever you can. However, when you can predict with a high degree of certainty that a lead is unlikely to convert, your sales team saves money and time not pursuing that lead, so disqualifying poor leads is actually good for business.

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