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Importance of Lead Generation for Start-Ups

Right leads act as a foundation of any organisation. Unless an organisation doesn't have the right leads there is no scope for revenue realisation. May it be a saturated market or a new market reaching the right decision-maker is the key for driving business

Why Brandsemi Leads

An average of 5 minutes is spent on every lead to identify if the lead is a decision-maker and relevant to the business. Over and above we also perform a soft check on the leads to identify the interest level of the prospect in the industry through our strategic methodologies and the report of such information is also shared with our clients

Unlock the New Normal Leads 


Instead of telling their B2B sales representatives to make individual changes, organizations must better enable sales to lead gen activities in the new environment. Right now, salespeople are encouraged to spend more time prospecting, chatting with clients on communication platforms like Zoom and Teams and hosting online events. While these actions may help, they aren’t enough to help the seller close what is a substantial gap in their pipeline, especially for those without the luxury of stable client accounts or steady renewal business. We resolve this problem for your organisation.

Outsourcing Lead Generation?

All successful start-ups outsource lead generation to guide their B2B Sales team to avoid wasting time on the irrelevant audience as the sales expert is always not right in choosing the right target audience.

Utilizing the services of an outsourcing company does come at a cost, so considering your cash flow is the first step. However, what an outsourcing company can do is save you time on your lead generation which could be good if you need to generate revenue quickly. 

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