Newsight’s enhanced Time-of-Flight (eTOF™) solid state Lidar is a complete solution for a versatile and affordable 3D mapping device, using Newsight’s patented eTOF™ technology for improved performance. The reference design is highly configurable for different applications and very flexible in coping with different scenarios and environmental conditions. Based on Newsight’s NSI1000 sensor, the eTOF™ Lidar is especially designed for a wide horizontal field of view (FOV) and a high frame rate. It provides high accuracy and precision with a high dynamic range.




  • No MEMS Solid State LiDAR
  • Auto exposure
  • Through fog visibility
  • Range 0.2 to 100 meters – Distance error < 1%
  • Compact size 95 x 72 x 61mm
  • FOV Horizontal 30ᵒ – 120ᵒ Vertical 1.17ᵒ – 4.7ᵒ
  • 32×1024 depth points
  • Angular resolution 0.06ᵒ – 0.23ᵒ at the above FOV.
  • Highly configurable for different applications
  • Communication – USB C type or UART


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