Empower your Sales Team to Navigate Challenges in the Technology Selling

End to End Solution to achieve 100% Sales Target

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Market Fit Analyzer

Conduct an evaluation to determine the market fit of your product or solution. Should you require assistance in optimizing it, we are readily available to provide support.

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Personality Analyzer 

Your sales team is integral to the success of your business. Kindly specify the ideal sales personality traits you are seeking to propel your idea towards success.                    

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ROI Calculator : Calculator.net

Mastering the fundamentals of business involves a thorough evaluation of ROI (Return on Investment). Have you taken into account the customer ROI to understand the benefits and value proposition your business offers? 
*This is not our product development, this product is owned by Maple Tech International LLC

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Exclusive Non-Disclosure Agreement Formalized

Our sales solution operates on the fundamental principle of exclusivity, reflecting our steadfast commitment to the integrity and trust of our client partnerships. By refraining from engaging with direct competitors, we demonstrate a dedication to tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client. Moreover, we provide an extended 5-year exclusivity period post-engagement to protect the proprietary core competencies of our clients, thereby securing their enduring competitive edge in the market. 

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Meet Sales Revenue Targets

Establish a high-performing sales team and seamlessly integrate them into your payroll system within a 9-months.

4 Days Sales Training 

Maximize the efficiency of your current sales team with in depth training sessions that cover topics such as negotiation strategies and delivering impactful ROI presentations 

Meet Your Dedicated Team

Convene with your Sales team at our office situated in a nearby metropolitan area to elevate customer engagement

UI Design Enablement

Craft design for your product or solution to establish a user-friendly interface and propel the product towards success.

Solution, Strategy, Benefits, Concern focused can make your startup successful. We'll get this covered.

Make your company a revenue successful one.

Tailor Your Needs

Personalize every aspect to cultivate a resilient and dedicated sales team that aligns perfectly with your vision. Our strategies for team development can always be optimized with your valuable input, ensuring a professional and high-performing sales force.

End To End Sales

From the initial stages of recruitment, training, and management to optimizing performance, our services cover it all. This allows Technopreneurs to focus on addressing product and solution challenges to meet customer expectations and lead the delivery team, unless a CEO is in place to oversee these activities at a substantial cost.

Automated Revenue

Ensuring sales goals are met is our commitment. As a Technopreneur, dedicate your efforts to perfecting your product/solution. We are here to support you with all revenue-related needs. Our industry-tailored sales process is rooted in common sense, not AI. With our human touch, we meticulously build the pipeline to optimize your business growth.

Experience a new era of sales commitment

Our business operates on a structured monthly retainer and revenue sharing model. We commit to delivering a substantial return of 5 to 10 times the retainer amount within a 9-month timeframe. 

Additionally, we offer a No Attrition Guarantee for a period of 1 year. Our proficient team is strategically positioned in all key metropolitan areas throughout India.

Customer & Counting
Months ROI
Metropolitan Cities Presence 

Build a strong sales strategy with our market tested pilot period

Transform your sales budget into useful, trained & proven resources.