Funding Insights - Indian Startup companies 

Indian startups raised $734 Mn in February 2024, up 4% YoY, while deal count grew 19% to 83

Ecommerce emerged as the most funded sector last month, with startups in the segment bagging $149 Mn across 24 deals


Unveiling the Investment Timeline of Indian Startups: An In-depth Analysis
180,000+ Startups in India

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141 Bn+

Total Capital Invested Between 2014 & H1 2023

May rise 36% YOY in 2024

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Inc42 - More than 60% of Indian investors are cautious about backing Indian startups

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$10 Bn in funding by December 25

Indian VCs have only invested 26% of the dry powder accumulated and set aside for FY24, per Inc42's latest survey 

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$19 Bn raised across 900 deals - All time high

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$25 Bn Raised 

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