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Are you an expert in Robotics, EV Manufacturing, AI Software, Health Care, or Semiconductor Design? We are looking for industry professionals like you to become Excellence warriors and lead our organization with a focus on solutions rather than just business motives.

If you are passionate about guiding and shaping the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in their industry missions, we invite you to share your expertise with us. Together, we can drive success in the startup world and make a real impact.

Interested in joining us as a Excellence warriors? Apply now and be a part of our journey towards build the right sales solutions with integrity and meaningful collaboration. Let's create a brighter future together!

Step 1

Express your interest by scheduling a time.

Step 2

Understand Business Scope on a Online Meet

Step 3

Visit us to meet and engage

Step 4

Deliver mentorship and expertise for 2 hours per month 

Advisory Members Expectation - 15Yrs+

Proficient in Strategic Thinking, Upholding Integrity,and Demonstrating Adaptability, with a dedicated commitment of
 1-2 hours per month on the last working day of each calendar month
Preferred Industry Experience: Robotics, EV Manufacturing, AI Software, Health Care, or Semiconductor Design

Semiconductor Experts 
Robotics Experts
EV Manufacturing Experts
AI Software Experts
Health Care Experts